Audio2Face export to Blender playback slowdown

Hey everyone,
Im testing audio2face with a simple head. I exported my head from Blender into audio2face set it up and exported it with the rap project audio. After importing it back into Blender I get a playback speed of 2-3 fps.

Im using Blender 3.2. After switching to Blender 3.0 I still get the slow playback in my viewport.

My test head got 1400 triangles and 700 vertices. Ill add the blend file.

steve head.blend (7.7 MB)

Maybe someone can help me. Thanks in advanced

Best regards Dominik

Hi @schimpansendodo and welcome to the forum!

The blender Add-on has been updated recently. Here’s a video that might help: Audio2Face with Blender | Part 1: Generating Facial Shape Keys - YouTube

Hi @Ehsan.HM thanks for your answer. Ill try it this way

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