Audio2Face load model via bat

Is there a way of loading audio2face with a preselected model without the need of posting to the API.

I see the headless batch file opens kit.exe with arguments but cant seem to find any documentation on what argument could be accepted?

You can open a file at load time like this: call "path_to_app.bat" --exec " path_to_usd_file.usd" %*.

You can use the kit.exe -h to see the list of arguments and the usage.

--help, -h: this help message
--info, -v: show info log output in console
--verbose, -vv: show verbose log output in console
--merge-config, -m=<file>: merge configuration file.
--enable EXT_ID: Enable extension (short hand to add extension to enabled list).
--ext-folder PATH: Add extension folder to look extensions in.
--ext-path PATH: Add direct extension path (allows adding single extension).
--publish EXT_ID: Publish extension to the registry and quit.
--publish-overwrite: Allow overwriting extension in registry when publishing.
--unpublish EXT_ID: Unpublish extension from the registry and quit.
--update-exts: Look for latest versions in extension registry and update for all enabled extensions.
--list-exts: List all local extensions and quit.
--list-registry-exts: List all registry extensions and quit.
--disable-ext-startup: Do not startup any extensions, only load them.
--ext-precache-mode: Only resolve and download all extensions, exit right after.
--portable: Enable portable mode. Portable root defaults to ${kit} path.
--portable-root PATH: Enable portable mode and place data/cache/logs folders there.
--reset-user: Do not load persistent settings from user.config file.
--clear-data: Clear $data folder before starting.
--clear-cache: Clear $cache folder before starting.
--exec SCRIPT ARGS..., -e SCRIPT ARGS...: execute a console command on startup
--</path/to/key>=<value>: instruct to supersede configuration key with given value.
--wait-debugger, -d: Suspend execution and wait for debugger to attach.

Cheers that’s really useful thankyou,

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