Audio2Face model lost material when mesh fit and post wrap

when I finished mesh fitting and post wrapping, the model lost it’s material.
I use blender from OMNIVERSE CONNECTORS to open a *.blender file , and export USD file.
Thanks advanced for telling how to solve the problem.

Some screenshots attached.

usd and materials:
robat.usd (158.1 KB)

Thank you for trying out Audio2face and providing your test file.
There are a couple ways uv coords can be described in usd. Either with primvars:st + primvars:st:indices or primvars:UVMap (what is used in your file).
Currently characterTransfer only support the st. We’ll try add the support for UVMap on the next release.

Meanwhile, what you can do to fix this for now is to open your usd file in audio2face, then save it as usda.
open the usda file in text editor, and rename line 281
texCoord2f primvars:UVMap …
texCoord2f primvars:st …
You should be able to open the file and retain the uv information in character transfer.

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Hi, esusantolim

Thanks for your quick response.
Followed your suggestion, did the change, but still can’t retain the uv information in character transfer.
Attached the .usda file, could you help take a look whether I did it correctly?
Thanks a lot.
robat.usda (502.8 KB)


Hi, esusantolim

It works now.
Looks some cache issue before, I reboot my computer, then it can retain the uv information now.

Thanks a lot.


Awesome. glad it works. This is fixed internally here as well, so for next release, UVMap should be supported for charTransfer. Thank you for reporting. :)

Hi, Esusantolim

Another issue existed on my model when do the MESH FITTING.
Could you give me some advice on this?

I can email you my model if need.
thanks a lot.

Is this the same mesh as what you showed on the circle head shape character?
Audio2face require the mesh to be one continuous mesh. I saw that on the character is that the mouth and eyes are merged to the mesh, but is not connected.
If this is a different model, yes, I can help take a look. You can send to my email

Hi, esusantolim

Thanks for your response.

The previous character with mouth and eyes merged to one mesh work well.

I tried another new mode which has teeth, but the teeth is not connected to the head, like floating in the mouth.

Seems that’s the issue which caused mesh fitting issue.

So any recommendation to solve the issue? Connect the teeth with head? even connect 1 vertex is ok?

I suggest separate the teeth into its own mesh.
If you manage merged and connect the teeth to the skin ,the result won’t be pretty because we on’t have anything in the mouth that would keep the teeth staying rigid.

Hi esusantolim

Thanks for your suggestion.
Separate the teeth into its own mesh, it can solve the MESH FITTING issue.

My next question:
How to make the teeth move when the mouth move ?
I tried to do another MESH FITTING between mark and teeth, is it the right way to do that?


hi @zhiwei.jing ,
For the current version of A2F, you can attach the teeth and tongue to the face by adding additional helper triangle mesh and drive them using the wrap deformer.
The video below shows the provided triangle mesh if your export is from Character Creator. You can create your own jaw triangle mesh on any dcc :)