Audio2Face open project in another computer

Hi, maybe is a stupid question, but how I can send an A2F project to another computer, and open it remotly?, (im working in a custom model), it can be done or I have to export the usd file and the make all the settings again? could you tell me what I can do to save the settings? if is posible.

Hello @solidghoststudio! To access your localhost Nucleus Server, both computers need to be on the same network.

You can use the Collect Assets feature to gather your files together for that file.

Right click on your scene file and select “Collect Assets”. There is a video on how to do this in the link I shared above!

Thank you very much Wendy! I saw you yesterday in the SIGGRAPH streaming, you guys are doing it great!

Awesome! I appreciate you watching! Be sure to check out this year’s GTC Keynote Keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang | GTC 2022 | NVIDIA I can’t wait for you to see what our developers have been working on!!