Audio2Face to Create workflow

How can I use an Audio2Face mesh to drive a character in Create? In Machinima I would use the Kit Toolbox extension, but I don’t see that offered as an available extension in Create.

Hello @noah.b.aust! What do you mean by “to drive a character” in Create? If I can understand what you are trying to do, I’ll be able to direct the right person to help!

You are correct, the Kit Toolbox extension (Animation omni.anim.toolbox). Is not available in Create. Most of our Animation Tools work best inside our Machinima App. You can do your animation work in Machinima then bring it into Create!

If you haven’t seen this tutorial yet, check it out: BlendShape Generation in Omniverse Audio2Face - YouTube

Bummer. I’d love to use Audio2Face for facial animation while using Create’s Action Graph for body animation. Having to go through Machinima as an intermediary is a bunch of extra steps.