Audio2face to maya doesn't work

hello, I have a problem with my script, I use maya 2022 and the script that is used in this video

The problem is that when I play the script, maya load for a long time but nothing happen


as you can see, the script is similar to the one from the localhost

does anyone could help me with this ? Thank you very much

Hi @celeber12,

From the screenshot, you’re not specifying the name of the blendshape node in the script.
If you replace your line 14 as shown in below (by adding the blendshape node), I think it should work?

bsNode = 'Mesh_007FBXASC046001_ncl1_2'  # the name is from your screenshot
mc.setKeyframe(bsNode + '.' + facsNames[i], v=weightMat[fr][i], t=fr)