Audio2Face wont launch

Got it, this is very helpful. We will take a look at this and get a fix going.

Thanks for your help!

Just a quick update. We found the issue and have a fix for it. We should have a new version out very soon. Thank you for your patience, I will post here once the new version is out.


thank you for quick reaction, will then wait for that new version to arrive - have same kind of error (pre-bat on 2.2 version not wanting to launch and complaining about syntax error).

I currently cannot find Audio2Face in the Omniverse App list. Is it normal considering you are pushing the fix to the previous release?

Yes because of the fix, we will have a new version and you will see it again once we release it. Will post here when it is out. Should be very soon. Stay tuned.

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Update has been pushed (2021.2.3) that lets the app launch. Thanks for the fix!

Never mind, getting this multiple times in the Console as an error:
2021-04-19 16:37:16 [Error] [omni.ui.python] Unable to cast Python instance to C++ type (compile in debug mode for details)

Edit: I’ve included the log I got on start up. I made the entire directory that A2F was in writeable as it was set to read-only which threw out a few errors in the Console.

kit_20210419_174639.log (170.9 KB)

Thank you for giving us a heads up on this, we will take a look, thank you for your patience.

@stevesparkes , we are looking into the issue. Do you mind sharing your computer’s hardware configuration, OS version, and driver version? It will help us debug. Thanks!

@stevesparkes , few more questions. So were you able to get the app to launch and show the male template head or not? I see the log you show with shader compile issue, like to find out what you are seeing also. Does the app open at all or just shuts down? Or something else. Any additional information would help. Thanks!

Sure thing, let me know if I’ve missed anything:


GeForce RTX 3070
Studio Driver 462.31

The app launches and doesn’t crash. I’m able to navigate around the different menus, but this is all I see in the viewport:

Sorry, I’m a new user to the forums so I can only include one image at a time.

Edit: The screen capture missed out the Viewport Settings, Cameras, Render Mode, Show/Hide and FPS in the viewport.


I was also having issues launching this program. My issue was that when I launched the program I would get:

[4.704s] [ext: omni.audio2face.player-0.1.1] startup
A s s e r t i o n f a i l e d !

P r o g r a m : C : \ U s e r s \ James \ A p p D a t a \ L o c a l \ o v \ p k g \ a u d i o 2 f a c e - 2 0 2 1 . 2 . 3 \ k i t \ k i t . e x e
F i l e : s r c / h o s t a p i / w d m k s / p a _ w i n _ w d m k s . c , L i n e 1 0 6 1

E x p r e s s i o n : F A L S E
2021-04-19 18:29:33 [16,097ms] [Warning] [] 1 contexts were leaked

However, I was able to fix it by replacing the files:




With the file\portaudio-r1891-build\lib\x64\Release\portaudio_x64.dll (Rename this file to “libportaudio64bit.dll”) in this zip file:

I figured I’d post this in case it helped anyone here


Let’s find out if you can run “Omniverse Kit” core application without any errors.

From Launcher, Select “Audio2Face” and then click on “Launch” settings.

Open the installation directory but clicking on the “Folder” icon.

Then go to “.\kit” directory and run “kit.exe” application.

After a few minutes you should see the :Kit App: running with a viewport.

If that’s the case, please close the application and re-run the “Audio2Face” App again.

Let us know.

Looks like an older version of windows. You need Win 64 1909 or newer.

this is minimum image

type winver in start menu

I’ve tried launching Kit after updating Windows. Still no luck.


Hi stevesparkes, if you happen to be free anytime between 6-8PM Pacific today (it’s almost 6PM Pacific now), we can try to troubleshoot with you via screenshare on Discord. Here’s an invite:

Once you are on our server, just send me a direct message (my DiscordID is Prof E#2041). If another day/time is better, please let me know.


Omniverse Resources:
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PLEASE NOTE: If you are reporting a bug/issue, please provide OS, GPU, GPU Driver, the version of the app, and full log file (if applicable).

@stevesparkes , I have talked to other teams about your shader errors from the log and you can try something to see if it will resolve it. This can happen quite randomly.

Basically, sometimes the copy of the ‘shadercache’ files does not complete on the first run and you end up with a broken shadercache directory, and subsequent runs will error out due to this broken shader cache.

Can you try this:

Delete shadercache with path below and start the app again and see what happens.

Let us know if this works for you.

Perfect, deleting the shadercache fixed the issue and I can now open up the app and work with the demo project. Thanks for the help!

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