Audio2Gesture animation finger issues in Blender

Hi guys. I was working around with fbx armature animation Nvidia machinima’s audio2gesture tab gives. When I imported the fbx file in my Blender project I’v surprisingly found out that the end fingers of the character are not bones, they are empties. Honestly saying it is looking uber weird as my German friend would say :D

For the fingers animation it is extra important for all the finger parts to animate correctly. Maybe you will fix this in newer versions of Machinima? Or maybe there is a way to transform empties into bones in Blender or maybe even in Machinima?

I’m attaching a screenshot like you can understand where that numerous empties are situated.

I’m retargeting the animation from the fbx’s armature from audio2gesture to my character’s armature, you can have a look on the result I have, but as you can see my character is not closing the fingerst fully, because there is no bone for the end finger one, which is created as an empty.

Hi @zanarevshatyan ,
on the A2G armature, we don’t have the finger tip joint as they are not used.
The points on the last segment of the finger are all weighted to the last joint of the chain.
When setting up retargeting in kit, if your target character has extra finger tip joint, you can manually pick the right joint for it on the retarget UI.

Check out this video where I explain the finger tagging (around 12’00"). A2G_retarget_machinima_2022_3_0.mp4 - Google Drive

Omg, it sounds very complicated :D

Thanks for the reply so much. I’ll watch the video and try to understand it, if I will have some questions, can I ask them to you here?

Maybe you know how I can make bones on the finger tip in Blender instead of that empties and animate them? Or this is not possible?

You can probably add the finger tip joint, but animating them in theory won’t affect anything since the last segment of the finger are all weighted to the last articulation joint (which can be animated through rotation).
But maybe I was not understanding the issue clearly here.
Were you trying to export the A2G skeleton from ov as fbx, then when you load the fbx skeleton to Blender that the fingers exploded?

I’ll ping our Blender expert to help chime in on the matter as well.

Yeah, I’m exporting fbx file of a2g armature into Blender and trying to retargeting from a2g trained character to my character’s armature using another blender addon, that addon works fine, but there is no bone on a2g character finger tip, which is making the animation on character look weird for the fingers, they are not closing fully, you can have a look on the video I’ve also uploadead earlier in this topic. Hope guys can help me with Blender, waiting for them to answer, thanks.

Hi there!

Would you be able to upload that FBX for me to take a look at?

Sure, here it is
World7.fbx (15.6 MB)

Also I’m sending you the Blender project file with my character already retargeted from a2g armature using rokoko addon in Blender

Thank you.

please check my post, I am having same issue in metahuman and A2g, any help?