Audio2gesture animation to Blender

Hi, I was testing out audio2gesture tab in Machinima and wonder if there is any workflow on how I can apply the generated audio2gesture body animation to my character in Blender?

Or maybe there is any workflow to export audio2gestuee body animation straight into Unity?

Any help here guys?

I watched this video, but this guy here is using a costly addon. Maybe there is another way for importing audio2gesture animation to my character in Unity or Blender?

I’ve found a method of how my character can be animated straight into a2g, I’ve tested it.
I’ve imported my character in a2g, when I started retargeting it, I’ve gotten this error

I know that the facing here is incorrect, but I can see facing option only when I select my skeleton in retargeting options, surely I’ve fixed the facing, you can check the correct facing in the video below.

However I’ve tried to animate my character, and got awful results, you can see what I get by the video below, I can also attach project file, if somebody wants to check it, he can download it.

test.usd (15.2 MB)

Any suggestions or help with this guys? Thanks.