Audiotrack / Passthrough issues after update to 7.0.1

Using kodi, passthrough enabled and switching between two AC3 streams leads to failure initializing Audiotrack.

My shield (4K Android TV) is directly connected via HDMI on LG TV (which is capable encoding AC3)
The issue flooting around in other forums, with different TV’s and AVR’s connected.


06-21 19:37:06.695 409 1099 I NvAudioPolicyManager: getOutputForAttr() device 0x400, samplingRate 48000, format d000000, channelMask 3, flags 1 strategy 0x0
06-21 19:37:06.695 409 1099 W APM_AudioPolicyManager: getOutput() could not find output for stream 3, samplingRate 48000,format 218103808, channels 3, flags 1
06-21 19:37:06.695 5548 6569 E AudioTrack: Could not get audio output for session 249, stream type -1, usage 1, sample rate 48000, format 0xd000000, channel mask 0x3, flags 0x1

The issue is introduced with 7.0.1, there have not been any issues with 6.x.x

From looking at the timings, AudioTrack::stop() does not wait until device is really finished, stop() returns imediately. Seems that the output device is still busy and cannot be opened on second stream.

Pls. let me know, if you need futher information