August GPU Computing Webinars now open for registration

These webinars cover a number of topics, including an introduction to CUDA C, the OpenCL API and performance optimization techniques, presented by NVIDIA DevTech engineers with additional staff online to answer questions.

The full schedule and short abstracts can be viewed here.

Thanks. I am interested in attending the webinars. Will these be available for download at a later time for reference?


Thank you

can we download the previous webinars? i missed some of those

You may consider posting a new “sticky” with the title, “GPU Computing Webinars now open for registration”. It is now September, why would I want to sign up for August webinars? Not a big deal as the link is to all upcoming webinars, but I would think you would want your sticky titles to be correct.



I missed some of them too. Can I register now and still watch them or am I too late?


The GPU Computing Webinars are repeated regularly.

The latest October schedule was posted last week and can be seen here:

Most of the webinars are available for download.

There is a new webinar about a new Multi-GPU framework which will be live later this month.