Authentican Emails being sent from a SpamCop blocked server

I tried to log in and the site wanted to do the whole click the link in the email we just sent bit. OK, no big deal…until I saw this in my logs.

16 19:07:06 [REEEEDACTED] sm-mta[612968]: 37H174Ix612968: ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=<[REEEEDACTED]>, [], reject=553 5.3.0 <[REEEEDACTED]>… Spam blocked see: - Blocking List ( )

The nVidia forums are sending mail from a known spam address…good times. I was able to get back into my account by disabling spamcop for a moment but trying to contact support requires you to log in…which if anyone elses emails are being blocked for the same reason means you just lost your account. Fragile, stupid…

Hello @nPHYN1T3, Not sure I am understanding the issue here. The authentication email is not sent from the forums, this is sent from the Nvidia domain. Can you please provide more information? Maybe a screenshot will help.


As you can see from the log it is not sent from the nvidia domain it’s sent from an Amazon AWS server with an IP flagged as a spam source. While it might be tempting to dismiss since there is no “nvidia” in the log entry my email is mine alone. I do not field even tens of messages a day. When I try to log in here and it does the “use the link in the email we just sent” bit that is the entry from that activation email. I’ve hidden my email for obvious reasons.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t know what action can be taken on this end, as there are no other reports of this happening. Maybe you should submit this as a false positive to SpamCop.


How would you expect someone to report when they can’t login anymore to report it? That is the point of this post. The only reason I was able to report this is because I am my email server admin.

FYI when the notices for the forum are sent they are also not sent from the nvidia domain. =>

Why would I report this as a false positive? The email is coming from an Amazon AWS instance which ARE spam servers 99% of the time. The action for the forums to take is to get an Amazon instance that doesn’t share an IP or don’t use 3rd party services.

What do you mean that you can’t login? You are posting in the forums, which requires a login.

I just told you in the first post I DISABLED the spamcop protection so the activation email would come through. Again I can do that because I am the server admin. Anyone using a 3rd party email will just have the activation links blocked if that provider is using block lists that include the server you are using and people will lose their accounts.

Well then be aware there are possibly a lot of people who can’t login because the account / login activation emails are blocked and without being able to log in they can’t report the issue. So you’ve got a nice catch 22.

Thanks for the input. I have my eyes and ears watching for this in other social media channels.

Hi @nPHYN1T3

I have reported your issue to the team that manages the authentication process.

Thanks for being a member of the NVIDIA forums,

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Thanks, I find far too many things like this these days are designed with this catch22 like routine and if you’re one of the people caught by it you have no recourse but to lose your account. Which depending on the service in question can have negligible or massive repercussions.

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