Auto-Correction Warning RangeSensorCreateLidar


I am working with LiDAR sensors and every time they are generated by my extension I get a warning that the path is auto-corrected to a version with “/” in front of the path (note that I already put the “/” in front of the path, but it seems to be auto-deleted?).

They way I create the sensors is pretty much identical to step 3 in 3. Using Sensors: LIDAR - 3.6 Use The Python API. I even tried replacing my path with “/World” just to see whether I might have messed up with my path format, but that didn’t help.

So is this just a bug or is there a workaround?
Btw, it doesn’t block my program, it would just be more pleasing to see no warnings when starting my extension :)

Specific error:

[Warning] [omni.usd._impl.utils] Path World/Lidar is auto-corrected to /World/Lidar. Please verify your path format.