auto-default to Clones instead of Absolute?

I am using NVIDIA X Server Settings 304.88 under Ubuntu 13.10.

When I power on an external TV display, the driver works fine. It detects the new display and automatically configures TwinView with the second display in position “Absolute”. (The second display is located at the right of the primary.)

In order for my application to display correctly in full screen, I need to switch to “Clones”.
Several times a day, I need to go through the loop: switch to clones, x restart, confirm. Is it possible to avoid this?

It would be ideal if the driver could auto-select Clones (or the last configuration used).
Thank you.

Are you talking about having it choose a clone configuration when you start the X server with the TV attached, or having it respond to a TV hotplug by automatically reconfiguring the screen?

The driver does not reconfigure the screen on its own in response to hotplugs. That job is left to the desktop environment so if you want it to configure clones automatically, you’ll need to configure that in your desktop environment’s display control panel.

Thank you for your answer.

I was talking of a respond to a TV hotplug.
I will try to see if Ubuntu “System Settings”/“Displays” can enable this.