Auto-exposure control

Hi forum,

I’m using the imx390 + gmsl driver from leopard, but there is issue about auto-exposure. When we captured image that has sky in 1/3 of the image, the exposure would jump very fast and make the captured image change between dark and bright

We tried to disable the isp config file by removing the isp config file, its performance got better, but still not enough when we captured sky

Does anyone have ideas about solving this issue?

Thanks in advance

It would be better consult with Leopard first.

Hi 346842280

Which driver are you using (R32.3.1, R32.4.3 or others)? Could you provide a video to show the auto exposure issue?

Hi Simon, I sent the link via message to you

We are using version on R32.1

Hi 346842280

Thanks. I just sent you a new driver (based on R32.5.1). Please test it.

Thanks Simon, I will check it first

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