Auto-exposure regions of interest: Clarification about region weights


I’m looking at the setAeRegions Argus::IAutoControlSettings::setAeRegions( const std::vector< AcRegion > & regions ) API method.

For each AcRegion we can specify a certain weight. I would like some help understanding the function of these weights.


  1. What’s the numerical range of the the weights?
  2. In case of multiple regions, should the weights be normalized to sum to 1? For example if I want two regions with equally high priority, should I set to the weights to (0.5, 0.5) or (1.0 1.0)?
  3. When setting auto-exposure regions, will the auto-exposure exclusively look at these regions or still look at the rest of the frame to some extent?

Thank you,

  1. It’s 0 -1
  2. No need to sum to 1
  3. Still looking at whole frame.
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