Auto power on connected but module seems to not power on properly

I am currently using a stable 12 V source to power the Jetson TX2 module on my own breakout board. I read in the product manual that VIN_PWR_BAD# must be pulled high in order to power up the tegra module. Keep in mind that every time upon power up of the Jetson Module I have a stable 12V source.

I have CHARGER_PRSNT# pulled low since I want the module to autostart. I have not connected VIN_PWR_BAD# yet. Is VIN_PWR_BAD# necessary to be pulled high in my case in order to fully power up the module properly. Are there any other pins that are necessary to be connected in my case for correct power on of the module?

Hi, basically it should not be unconnected. VIN_PWR_BAD# is to hold PMIC in module until voltage is stable, and also it is responsible for power loss as you can see in OEM DG.

Don’t suggest to remove it even your power supply is stable, as this kind of design is not verified yet. You will have to take potential unknown risk of that.

I have now pulled VIN_PWR_BAD# high to 5V since main VDD 12V source is stable and still no luck. CHARGER_PRSNT# is pulled low.Those are the only pins I have connected. It looks as if the module is powering on because I can see it is consuming around 4.2 Watts but I still have no proof the Jetson Module is working properly on my breakout board.

I am trying to get ethernet and UART0 debug working minimally with a 12VDC source. When I probe UART 0, I can see a voltage level of around 1.6V for the RX line and 1.8V for the TX line. The UART lines do not toggle as I have them going to a 3.3V level shifter. To me that seems the Jetson Module isn’'t being powered up properly. I can’t seem to see what is missing.

What are the pins that must be connected on the module to have the module auto start and properly power up. Is there something else that I must connect in order to get the tegra processor running?

Please refer to power up sequence figure in OEM DG. All signals in it are important to system running.

I have connected CHARGER_PRSNT# to low, and VIN_PWR_BAD# to high with a 12VDC stable power source at 5A. Works great! Thank you.