Auto power-on implementation based on OEM Product Design Guide

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I have a revision C02 (699-82597-0000-900, SATA port facing to the side) development board. Installing a 0 Ohm resistor on position R313 doesn’t work for auto power-on. Do you have any suggestions on how to get this to work?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Please check the latest OEM DG for auto power on function.

I’ve read both 3.8 and 3.8.1 (see below), but the only thing I need to do is tie the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin to GND (see last sentence in 3.8.1), right? This can be done by installing a 0 Ohm resistor on R313?

From the Jetson TX2/TX2i OEM DG (20180618):

3.8 Optional Auto-Power-On Support
Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX2i both optionally support Auto-Pow er-On. This allow s the platform to pow er on w hen VDD_IN is first pow ered, instead of w aiting for a pow er button press. For Jetson TX2, to enable this feature, the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin should be tied to GND. For Jetson TX2i, w hich uses a different PMIC, the POWER_BTN# pin needs to be held high. As there is a pull-up on the module, the POWER_BTN# pin can be left floating on the carrier board. If a design w ill support both Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX2i and needs to pow er on without a button press (Auto-Power-On), the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin should be tied to GND, and the POWER_BTN# pin should be left unconnected.

3.8.1 Jetson TX2 Auto-Power-On Details
This section provides guidance for modifying a carrier board design to power the platform on when VDD_IN is first powered, instead of waiting for a power button press. In order to power the system on without a power button, a specific sequence is required between the time the VDD_IN pow er is connected and the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin on the module is driven low . The CHARGER_PRSNT# pin connects to the module PMIC and requires a minimum delay of 300ms from the point VDD_IN reaches its minimum level (5.5V) before it can be driven low. Jetson TX2/TX2i includes circuitry on the module to support Auto-Power-On. In order to enable this feature, the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin should be tied to GND.

This is clear, but is there a way to connect charger_prsnt# pin to GND without soldering?

Note: for the revision B04 board (699-82597-0000-501) it works.

Did you do any change on C02 board? Did you check the VDD_MOD (19V to module) status? Was the diode CR5 ON when power supply plug in?

I did not do any changes to the C02 board.

The VDD_MOD status is 0V. The diode CR5 is not on when the power supply is plugged in.

If you press the power button (for 1 second) the diode will lit up and the board will start up (normal behaviour).

Is your module TX2 or TX2i? Please check the corresponding signals of MOD_PWR_CFG_ID as chapter 3.5 of OEM DG said to make sure the correct sequence triggered when power plug in.

[EDIT]: We are checking this internally, will update when available. Thanks.

[UPDATE]: Auto-power-on is not supported on C02 design, there will be a updated OEM DG release.


I did the shorting on R313 and nothing happens when plugged the energy supplier.

Can any one help me do the Jetson TX2 auto power-on ?

Hi lucas9djc6,

Please open a new topic for your issue. Thanks

I haven’t worked on TX2 for a long time but I heard from my friends that there are some changes on the new version of the TX dev board so simply shorting R313 won’t work anymore. Hope this helps.

I did all these modifications suggested in your post,

  1. Install 0 Ohm, 0402 resistor at R313
    Asserts ACOK to allow Jetson TX2 or Jetson TX2 4GB to Auto-Power-On.
  2. Move R501, 10k, 0402, resistor to R287
    Enables the VDD_IN supply to the module connector as soon as the power is applied (disables hot-plug protection)
  3. Remove R383
    Disables the ON control from the pushbutton Micro-Controller
  4. Remove R384
    Removes the VDD_IN Bleeder resistor to keep this from consuming power during normal operation.
  5. Add wire across Q47 pin 2 and 3.
    Force Button Micro-Controller in Mobile PMIC Mode (allows Jetson TX2i to function as if it were in a P2597_B04 carrier
    board – will boot when power is attached without button press)

But after doing modifications, Jetson TX2 get auto powered ON but do not boot itself and I still have to press “power button” for 1 second roughly to boot the board up.

Is there any way I can boot Jetson TX2 mostly without using external circuitry?

Hi, did you find any solution for this issue?

The reworks are for C02 carrier board of devkit. Is your board P2597_C02? Is your module TX2 (P3310) not TX2i? Please refer to chapter of auto power on in OEM DG for detail.

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Can I get products revision changes between 699-83310-1000-B02 B and 69983310-1000-D00 M? Because I had a auto-power problem TX2 with revision number “-D00 M” which issues hasn’t occured with “-B02 B”.