Auto reboot issue when we launch a file


  We have a Jetson AGX xavier and installed Ubuntu 18.04 OS. We used this kit for Automatic mobile robot and installed ROS melodic. When we launch a launch file the cpu core goes to 100% and reboot. We check it with MaxN mode but  same reboot issue occurs. Help me to fix this issue..

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I don’t know much about ROS, but in general, would it be possible for you to get a serial console log from the moment of failure? If you run serial console, and have “dmesg --follow” running, then it will log to the other computer and likely show what is happening. If mobile, perhaps walking alongside with a laptop?

Here I attached the log data…But it shows as No acknowledge from address 0x6B
dmesg.txt (151.5 KB)

I don’t know what is at that i2c bus. It seems there is a hardware device your program is attempting to access, but the device (using i2c protocol) is not available at that address. What device does your program want to talk to? Have you set up any kind of extra device? Have you adjusted the device tree at all (device tree is a typical way to tell a driver of an i2c device where to find the device, although the program might be trying to set that)?

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