Auto shutdown by UPS

Is there an UPS product which can shutdown Jetson automatically?

Hi, it depends on the feature of UPS to monitor input power supply to Xavier, hope some other users have experience can be shared.

I’ve never looked at it in depth, but many UPS devices have a 9-pin D-sub serial port, or better yet, a USB connection, which can be used to verify power status. This could be used with a custom program to auto shutdown the Jetson. Don’t ask me details though since I’ve never tried this and don’t know what each vendor does…I have no knowledge of those details.

Typically you will have software the UPS vendor creates which you can use on a given operating system, but most of the time it is specific to desktop PC architecture. If you get lucky a Linux version might either be distributed in source code format or else be a non-architecture-dependent script.

If you are really lucky a USB UPS connection might have a standard driver in the Linux kernel and no adapting would be required…just enabling the driver and then configuring.