"__auto_type" undefined when compiling OpenBLAS

Hi, when compiling OpenBLAS-0.3.10 with PGI 20.1, it cannot find “stdatomic.h”. Then, I try to seek in gnu’s header files, and it show another errors,

"blas_server_omp.c", line 325: error: identifier "__auto_type" is undefined

Can this be solved by just adding some PGI compile flags? A related question is that does the PGI-bundled blas/lapack support OpenMP ? If it does, I don’t have to build my own openblas :)

Here is how I compile OpenBLAS:

make CC=pgcc FC=pgfortran USE_OPENMP=1 CFLAGS=-I/opt/gcc/7.3.0/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/7.3.0/include

Thanks for the help.

I talked with the person how builds the OpenBLAS that we ship, but he hasn’t tried building 0.3.10 as of yet so hasn’t seen this error. Though he did confirm that our supplied OpenBLAS is OpenMP enabled, so you want to give it a try instead of building it yourself.

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