Autocad 2018 on Nvidia Tesla M10

Hi all,

We have an little environment with 15 designers running on a cluster of 3 Fujitsu Primergy Rx350 S8 with three Nvidia Grid K1 and the dessigners are experiencing slow performance in Autocad 2018.

Before changing the servers we will do a test with a G250-G50 Gygabyte with one Nvidia Tesla M60.

Do you think that this PoC will work fine with 8 users? If this PoC works fine we are thinking about buy one Nvidia Tesla M10 to use only with the most demanding users.

Would you use the M10 or would you use another card for Autocad 2018? In principle the users will draw in 2D.

Thanks for your help.

For AutoCAD, a lot will depend on the size of the data your users are working with. Can you give some more information about what data they are working on? For 8 users, a 2 GB profile on an M60 might be a better option, in terms of maximizing the throughput or actually, the new T4 may be an even better and less expensive option, depending on how your server hardware can accommodate PCI cards.