AutoChaffeur Quick Start

I just got the DRIVE PX 2 Development Platform and followed the quick start steps (I am currently skipping the optional steps 8 and 9). At power on, the Tegra A operating system does not seem to load up properly; I get a black screen with a X pointer. The X pointer responds to mouse movements, and also the keyboard seems to be correctly installed as the system responded to a CTRL-ALT-F1 command. The CTRL-ALT-F1 command seems to turn off the video output (the screen turns off). The CTR-ALT-F2 command turns the video output on, but still with the black screen and pointer.

Any indications on how to proceed to correctly launch the DRIVE software?

Thank you very much.

Dear MatteoCorno,

May I know you’re using PDK version?
If you are using Beta 1.0 or 2.0, could you please update DPX2 PDK to Beta 3.0( Thanks.

Dear Steve,
thanks for your reply. I was out of office and I could not reply. I am not sure about the PDK version because I am not even able to get the DRIVE PX2 to boot. Before trying to flash a new version on it I wanted to make sure everything is fine with the hardware as I received.