Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 selecting the wrong display adaptor in Citrix environments

Symptoms or Error

A number of customers have reported that when attempting to use Autodesk2016 the wrong display adapter is being selected when using NVIDIA GPUs e.g. the Citrix XPDM/WDDM driver rather than the NVIDIA driver.

Customers may encounter an error message that “Hardware Acceleration is Disabled” owing to the graphics card not being autodesk certified hardware. It is believed this is misleading and that the message is a result of the WDDM/other default adapter being used.
This has been reported with both Microsoft Server OSs (win 2012 R2 and XenApp) and Workstation OSs (win 8.x etc) VDI (XenDesktop).

NVIDIA engineers have investigated and believe the issue is related to the application or OS selection of the display adapter or the virtualization stack (e.g. Citrix). Other applications have been shown to be selecting the correct adapter in the same environment, customers can verify this for themselves with other applications.
The NVIDIA functionality is believed to be correct and the issue is associated with a third-party that we cannot resolve. NVIDIA has reported the issues to all the relevant 3rd parties and is tracking the issue under reference: 1737851. Autodesk are aware of the issue under Citrix under reference: 11643136.

Customers report that this issue is intermittent and more common after upgrades.

NVIDIA have worked with Citrix and Citrix have concluded the issue is associated with the OS or application, customers having issues are requested to contact Citrix and notify them that they are experiencing this issue under the reference SR#70848303 where these reports are being tracked.
Details of Autodesk’s support for Citrix can be found on Autodesk’s site: It should be noted that some configurations such as vGPU are currently officially unsupported. Customers seeking support for unsupported configurations are advised to contact their virtualization vendor and Autodesk.


Some customers have reported success with workarounds, however NVIDIA does not recommend using these and advises contacting the virtualization vendor and Autodesk in the first instance. Any customer attempting such a workaround should seek confirmation from Citrix/VMware that the workaround will leave them supported.

Workaround 1: Removing the Citrix WDDM Driver

This will not persist on reboot. It is also unclear of the impact on 2D applications and unclear as to whether Citrix would support such a configuration.

Workaround 2: Disabling the Citrix adaptor

This will persist on reboot and may be a solution for those delivering just AutoCAD. However customers must seek confirmation from Citrix that this would be supported.

It is likely that disabling the default adapter could impact on the behavior of 2D applications and customers are advised to proceed with caution.

VMware situation

VMware have confirmed that they have had no reports of similar issues and believe their stack is unaffected owing to architectural features designed to streamline display adaptor selection. AutoCAD is supported for VMware virtualization and customers using a supported configuration are recommended to report the issue to Autodesk and VMware. Details of Autodesk’s support for VMware with AutoCAD 2016 can be found on the Autodesk site: /caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-AutoCAD-2016.html[/url]

Applicable Products

Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop
Autodesk AutoCAD 2016

Autodesk have now issued own KB for you to reference when discussing with them:

Official NVIDIA KB now live here:

AutoCAD 2016 not seeing Graphics hardware accelerator of NVidia GRID K2 card.

The video driver as you will see from the link is a Citrix WDDM. Is this is correct.?
Or should it be vGPU or HDX3D.? driver

I do know that AutoCAD2015 was tested with Win 7 using nvidia K260Q

Interesting link below;


If this is your implementation, please raise a support ticket with Citrix.

AutoDesk have now issued a fix for their products, which Thomas Poppelgaard has blogged about:

I´m actually facing this Problem at a customer.

XenDesktop 7.9
Windows 8.1 x64
ACAD 2015

ACAD picks always Citrix WDDM (exactly as in Thomas blog).
When I kickout Citrix Card form devmgmt ACAD uses K220Q.
Enabling Citrix WDDM ACAD still uses K220Q.
Rebooting System ACAD uses Citrix WDDM :(

Offered fixes are only for ACAD 2016+ :(
The weird Thing is, another customer uses exactly the same Software - but Windows 7 as OS.
Here all works fine.

Windows 7 actually had issues choosing the correct adaptor - fixed in win 8.x and up… I wonder if we have two faults cancelling each other out.

I’m afraid this isn’t an NVIDIA problem, in that we can’t fix the code choosing whether to select us. Have you raised a case with Citrix and Autodesk?

The issue is fixed in Autodesk Inventor 2015 SP2 but apparently you need a clean SP2 install rather than a patch.

Best wishes,

Hi Rachel,

I ended up disabling VMware and Citrix WDDM graphics Adapter and prevent them from Installation by adding HW-ID to:
Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->System->Device Installation->Device Installation Restrictions-> "Prevent installation of devices that match any of these Device IDs."

Inventor works fine btw.


Was there a Change in 367.92 / 369.95
Did this update today… now Mechanical 2015 (for which is no autodesk fix available) uses Citrix WDDM again… no way to Change this :(

When logging on via VNC everythings fine.

Cant disable Citrix WDDM, session immediately Closes with "Connection Failure"

In your Master Image, have you disabled all display adapters apart from the GRID one?