Automated install

Hello, I have a question concerning PGI install.

I’m using an old version of PGI (6.24) and I need to reinstall every now and then for security issues. My question is if there’s a way of installing PGI in an automatic way, so that no input from the user is needed. I’d really appreciate a help with this, any ideas?

Hi ijpulidos,

You might try writing an ‘Expect’ script.


Also, you could edit the install file to always perform the same actions. It’s just a bash script so is easy to edit.

Hope this helps,

Yes, thanks. I think I’ll go with editing the shell script option since it seems pretty easy to do and to accomplish what I need. Thanks a lot for your help.

OK, I tried editing the install script and the only thing I’m stuck with for an automated install is in the step where it asks for Name, Username and mail. I just noticed it’s a program called mkinst the one that’s in charge of this, but it’s a binary file so I can’t edit it or change its behaviour. Any ideas how to get around this? I’d really much appreciate your help.