Automatic restart during calculation

Hello, I found that when I open the FORTRAN-debug information Format of the PVF compiler options,

When I selected disable or full debug information with full optimization(-gopt), automatic restart occurred shortly after the GPU calculation iteration started. I did FDTD algorithm, and the GPU usage was not high in the calculation process.

specify whether to generate debug information,and in what format.use -gopt to prevent affecting optimizations
*In the properties of the compiler
In this case, the calculation takes a long time but no restart occurs
When - fast is turned on, the computing time is significantly reduced, but the computing starts again at the beginning

In addition, whether it is related to these options:CUDA FORTRAN
I’m very very grateful,thankyou

Hi 1282704621,

By “automatic restart” are you meaning your system is restarting? In that case same answer to your same question last week. Unfortunately there’s not enough information here to help.

Best guess would be that your program is crashing which in turn causes the GPU to crash and the OS to reboot.

Can you please provide a minimal reproducing example which shows the issue? If you can provide this, I can then take a look at your program to see if there are any issues.


Thank you for your reply to mat. Automatic restart means that it seems that the power is suddenly cut off, and the program suddenly turns to the state of just starting. Unfortunately, my program is a large program with many files. I try to find a simple example to reproduce it.
I used to suspect that the program crashed, but I happened to have an old GPU, tesla k40c. The same code was set on K40c and did not restart. Can it be said that the code did not have a problem? On the QUDRO RTX6000, restart occurred, and only when I opened the FORTRAN-DEBUG INFORMATION FORMAT in the VS2015 (PVF) attribute, If it is set to FULL DEBUG INFORMATION WITH FULL OPTIMIZATION (- gopt) or DISABLED, this will happen, but its running efficiency is what I want to see. When I set it to FULL DEBUG INFORMATION (- g), the running time will be longer but it will not restart. This makes me very confused. I need to update the video card driver or the operating system (win7), which may be a little outdated.hehe Thank you,

Could be any number of things. A problem with your code, device, or a compiler issue. Unfortunately without a reproducing example or more analysis from you, I can’t tell which.


Thank you very much. It seems that you can’t send pictures to you here?
In addition, I want to know whether you have experience in Turing architecture. GPUs with computing power above 7.5 can run on previous PVF compilers. Does the latest HPC-SDK only support running on LINUX systems? Can I buy a newer version of PVF compilers

Correct. We do have plans to bring back the command line Windows SDK but changing priorities have delayed this project and currently have no time line when it would be available.

Can I buy a newer version of PVF compilers

No, we discontinued PVF long ago and have no plans to revive it.

We have had users successfully use the most current NVHPC SDK and CUDA Fortran running under WSL2. This may be your best option.