Automatic shutoff at temp extremes

What temperatures does auto-shutoff occur at on the Jetson Orin NX? Is it the max operating temps of -25C and 105C or something else prior to reaching the stated thresholds.

Hi, according to the docs, shutdown temperature is at 105C. And according to it that temperature range cannot be changed.

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105 is listed as the max operating temperature yes. But there is also a statement in the datasheet that says
“If the internal temperature of the Jetson Orin NX module reaches an unsafe temperature, the hardware is designed to initiate a shutdown.” I was hoping for better definition of what this statement means. i.e. what’s the value for the “unsafe temperature”. Will the jetson run right up to 105 or will it see those temps as unsafe since its at the high end of the operating range and initiate shutdown beforehand to protect the unit

Please refer to below table in above thermal design docs.