automatically switch to optirun


I’ve a new notebook (Dell Precision 6800 with NVIDIA K5100M). So after installing of Ubuntu 13.10 the default grahic card from the intel CPU is used. I can chnage this with the bumblebee driver and using the commant optirun.
That is not so god. I need a solution which switch automatically to the NVIDIA grphic chip, when graphic power is used. Under MS Windows make it the driver from NVIDIA.
Or a solution for enable the NVIDIA graphic for the complete X windows and disable the graphic into the intel CPU.
On the NVIDIA homepage I can’t found a solution for this.

I hope that exists a solution for me.

Thanks, Bernd

Check if your BIOS Setup allows to switch graphics configuration from “Optimus” to discrete (nVidia) card only. If so, that may be preferable. You’ll probably need to reinstall nvidia package to switch to correct libgl/glx alternatives.

If not, try nvidia-prime package:

(for people who’d prefer bumblebee rather than nvidia-prime for the ability to power down the discrete card, there’s libgl-switcheroo: it can offer Windows-like auto-switching, but afaik it has not received much use and should be considered experimental)