Automation header connection


I would like to know how to connect power button cables of ATX PC casing to the 8 pin automation header of the Xavier dev kit carrier board in order to boot the Xavier by pushing the power button of the casing.
Could you please tell me which cables should connect which pins?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Kind regards

You’ll find the pin layouts in document “Jetson Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification”. You might have to go here, then login and go here again:

Search for “Xavier Developer Kit Carrier”. You will see the Specification file listed there.

Input pins are grounded to activate. A single pole single throw momentary normally off switch does the job (whew, that’s a long description for shorting two wires together).

I’m unsure if standard headers on a PC chassis work with this or not, but it is possible (I’ve never researched it…but PCs don’t have recovery mode, so it can’t be a perfect match).