Autonomous Vehicle Radar Perception in 360 Degrees

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Our radar perception pipeline delivers 360-degree surround perception around the vehicle, using production-grade radar sensors operating at the 77GHz automotive microwave band.   Signals transmitted and received at microwave wavelengths are resistant to impairment from poor weather (such as rain, snow, and fog), and active ranging sensors do not suffer reduced performance during night time…

Very interesting reading.

Most of the heavy lifting here is done by our radar signal processing libraries
-> are these libs restricted to Drive AGX plateforms or will be available on all cuda-capable devices ?

Thank you for your interest. I do not believe there is any plan beyond Drive AGX at this stage.

Hello sir,
We are trying to integrate radar with enforcement camera,we need your support on this.
can you provide us your mail Id,so we discuss more about on this topics,
we are waiting for your reply
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It may be useful for the 360 degree radar outputs to be shared between cars via V2V communications. Although processing all the data will be a challenge in real time. - Ben @

Thanks for your comment – we recommend checking out the DRIVE AGX forums for more conversations on self-driving development!