Auvidea J120 - mcp251x CAN

I know this is not the best place for this. But Auvidea support is non existent and I’m really struggling with this.
The main issue I’m having is enabling the CAN interface in a TX1 board. I’m using a J120 carrier from Auvidea, that has a mcp251x chip through SPI.
After trying all Auvidea custom Images, I finally found one that actually boots, and I’m able to modprobe de chip, and even bring the interface up in ifconfig. The problem is that after some time the system crushes because it has no more space available.
Looking at dmesg and syslogs, I found that there is a constant message that is being logged and filling all the memory.

“spi-tegra114 7000d400.spi: The def 0x44808000 and written 0x44a00007”

It keeps popping every 10us, each time the interface is up.
I decided to post this to see if anyone could help me figure this out.

Thank you in advance,

That’s a message for debug. This message should not print out if you didn’t build the kernel to enable the debug. You can also find this message in spi-tegr114.c

Thank you Shane for the answer,
I’ve been trying to recompile their kernel with no luck. Even tried to use only their device tree, and .config.

Is there a way to modify this debug option without recompiling?

Check this link

Thank you so much Shane!,
Exactly what I needed.