auvidea j90-lc carrier board ttl to usb serial console connects but screen is black

Hi All,

I am attempting to connect the Jetson tx2 module via ttl to USB serial connection. The TTL connect but the screen remains dark and no data is received. The USB LEDs indicate it is transmitting data to Nvidia when I press keys on the keyboard. I purchased this module to tide me over until I get the Colorado Engineering carrier board. Any assistance you can provide in establishing connection so I can install the jetpack will be appreciated.

I don’t have J90-LC, but I do use J120. It would be very unusual if it’s a problem with your board.

Make sure that your physical connection is right (TX and RX lines are crossed over and ground is connected) and that you are using correct settings (115200-8-N-1). On J120, CTS/RTS lines were not used, so there was no flow control. You might want to check J90-LC manual to verify connector pinout and settings for a serial UART port.


Thanks, that didn’t resolve my issue, as I checked pinout before posting. I submitted a customer support ticket to auvidea, but havent heard back. I’ll probably end up regretting my purchase since I couldn’t use while waiting for my Colorado Engineering board that has everything I need. The j90 lacks an HDMI output. Even raspberry pi has that, and with 4 USB 3 connections. J90 is just a carrier board…