AUVidea, JN30B GPIOs voltage(1.8V) is not able to trigger a relay like the Jetson nano dev kit GPIOs(3.3V) did

Hi All,

I did manage to turn the GPIOs on and off on the JN30B based on this

However, the output voltage from all the GPIOs in the JN30B is 1.8V, which is not enough to trigger the relay which requires at least 3V, we used the Jetson nano dev kit during our development and the GPIOs were generating 3.3V, however now, unfortunately, we can not use the same pattern due to the difference in the voltage.

Just wondering if you please advise how to trigger the relay (i,e Arduino one channel relay) with 1.8V.

AUVidea, just wondering if already have a module to convert the GPIOs 1.8V to 3.3 to be able to trigger the relay.

Thanks in advance

Hi George,

sorry we do not have such a module ourselves. But there are many sources on the Internet. Just make sure that they support 1.8V at the input and 3.3V at the output.

Example: DEBO LEV SHIFTER Developer Boards - Voltage Converter / Level Shifter, TXB0104

BR, Jurgen