Auvidea JNX30-PD Issues


Does anyone have a working sd card image for this carrier board as whatever I try doesn’t seem to work? I have contacted Auvidea and had no response from them, what utter rubbish tech support!! I have tried the sdkmanager and replaced the files as they state in the JN30 docs that are supposed to be the same and the system boots and then falls into bash after trying to setup the imx219 drivers (cannot set terminal process group (-1): inappropriate ioctl for this device etc etc).

I wish nVidia did a dev board with 2 full 4-lane csi connectors then I wouldn’t be in this mess, please nvidia can you make one as I’m certainly not the only poor bugger trying to get this to work properly?!

In the mean time if anyone has any pointers at all i’d be eternally grateful!!

Thanks, Dan

We don’t have plan to make another dev board than current one. Sorry that.

Hope Auvidea can reply to your issue soon.


Hi kayccc, thanks for your response (much quicker than Auvidea who seem to have gone completely dark!). That’s a pity but as luck would have it starting from version 4.4 and updating to 4.6 was the way to go and the board is now up and running finally. It was this forum that helped me get to this point over the miniscule / non-existent information on the Auvidea site. Thank goodness for the nVidia forums!

Kind Regards, Dan

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