AV1/RTSP Streaming Not Working

Thanks @DaveYYY, I appreciate that this is being looked into. I tried your example, and I wasn’t able to get it working if I started the sender before I started the receiver, just afterwards, which is the same behaviour I was seeing otherwise. Unless I’m missing something else here. Did it work when the receiver was started before the sender, in your tests?

I think the output is technically standard, as there only needs to be Sequence Headers inserted when the “tu” (time unit) changes, and that’s not actually happening here. It’s not entirely clear to me from the AV1 spec if this is true, though.

For the livestreaming use case, something like this seems to be needed for most decoders to work if there’s packet loss or a disconnection of the stream.

It looks like this thread here is based on the same issue: Equivalent to HEVC V4L2_CID_MPEG_VIDEOENC_INSERT_SPS_PPS_AT_IDR for AV1? I think adding this option, and generating the Sequence Headers, would probably solve my issue as well.