Availability of 1U or 2U servers with a G8x?


I’m currently finishing a proposal that includes a server with a G80, and it would considerably simplify things if it could fit in a 1 or 2U space.

Is there any information regarding the availability of 1 or 2U servers with a G8x?
Should I expect this to be on the market in weeks ? months ? years ?

Any information on the subject would be very welcome.

We are working with various hardware vendors on rack-mountable GPU server solutions, but haven’t announced anything yet.

You might want to look into our Quadroplex product, which allows GPUs to be mounted in external enclosures:

Thank you for your answer, the Quadroplex solution is already in the proposal, but for a future development stage - the load at launch justifies only less capable configurations.

I will be looking forward for announcements in the 1U/2U space with interest.

Not sure if it helps but the 1U HP DL145G3 has a x16 (full length) as standard. The 2U DL385G2 has a riser option to enable a x16 slot.

Be careful trying to put the GeForce 8800 into a small server. The 8800 takes up two physical slots due to the large heatsink and fan. One slot lines up with the PCI-E x16 card edge, and the adjacent slot is used as a vent directly to the outside. A 1U server is likely to not have enough room.

My company has has a 1u solution (for 6 months now) that takes a full size (but single slot) video card. Currently it will take Quadro FX1500/3450/3500 w/o any issues. G88 based video card single bracket version will ship sometime mid year.

it is an Intel SR1500AL 1u node (with our modification), running dual Woodcrest (dual-core) or Clovertown (quad-core) Xeon. Currently 3 studios are already using this combination. though not with Cuda.

fishyuk: Thanks, that is indeed helpfull!

seibert: Thanks for the info, in fact I do have a GF8800GTX in my desktop, and I can definitely confirm that it’s the dual-slot space which doesn’t look very easy to find.

bellwilliam: Thanks too, I will consider that solution. And as it looks increasingly like I will have to go with a single slot card, it is always a relief to have at least some info (even unofficial) on the availability of a single-slot G8x card.

All this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for.

BFG do a watercooled 8800 which looks like it’s single slot - might be worth a look if you need something quick.

Thanks, that’s good to know. The only problem in my case is that it changes the problem into adding a watercooling system in a 1U server, which I’m afraid would be even more challenging…

My company is also looking for a 1/2U G80 rack-mount - please keep me posted if you find something that works: bfree@graphcomp.com

This thread was started before the launch of our Tesla computing products. This is what we’d recommend now as a rack-mounted solution:

One further aspect that complicates inserting an 8800 card into a server chassis is the fact that the ATX power connectors are on the top. In a 3U chassis, there is no room to put the lid on with the power connected to the card.

It would have been a far better idea to mount the connectors on the back of the card, or have them perpendicular to the card (though that might be worse when the card is mounted horizontally).

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