Availability of Fisheye Camera Settings in Omniverse USD Presenter App

Hello NVIDIA Omniverse Community,

I am currently a student working on my bachelor’s thesis, and I’m using the Omniverse platform, specifically the USD Presenter application. My project involves creating presentations in a dome-based projection environment, which requires the use of fisheye camera settings to achieve the desired visual effects.

According to the documentation (Cameras — Omniverse Materials and Rendering latest documentation), cameras in Omniverse Kit-based apps aim to emulate real-world cameras as closely as possible. Based on this, I would expect that the fisheye camera settings should be available in the USD Presenter application, as they are in the USD Composer app. However, I have not been able to locate these settings in the Presenter application.

Could you please clarify if the fisheye camera settings are available in the USD Presenter app? If not, are there plans to include these settings in future updates? The ability to use fisheye camera settings is crucial for my project, as it focuses on dome-based projection environments.

Any guidance or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
S. Lehnert

@stefan.lehnert as another fellow OV user, i would say Presenter isn’t intended for you to modify prim properties. to me, it’s really built for reviewing purposes of existing USD file.

that said, what you could do is create the fisheye camera in Composer with all the appropriate settings/parameters you’d expect, save the file, then open it in Presenter. at that point, presenter should respect and display fisheye cameras in viewport.

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You are better off trying this in USD Composer, which offers a lot more camera features, including fisheye

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