Availability of legacy NVIDIA GoForce 5500 SDK for OpenGL ES (GFSDK)


I am looking for the old legacy NVIDIA GoForce 5500 SDK for OpenGL ES development (GFSDK) on Windows Mobile platform that was available for free back in the day. Is there a possibility to receive this SDK somehow? I am mostly interested in ARC ASM (AR10/AR11) shader (register / program combiner) compiler for the GL_NV_combiner_program extension with SC15 (GF5500) GL_COMBINER_PROGRAM_NV (0x890A) target and GL_PROGRAM_FORMAT_BINARY_NV (0x890B) format in mind. Any input is much appreciated. I’m sorry if I posted in wrong category, it was hard to find one that would suit best. Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Tuxality,

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer Forums. Not sure if this is what you need, but give it a look.


Hi @TomK,

Thank you for reply and for moving my thread to proper section. I’ve checked mentioned link and sadly this not what I’m looking for.

I’m looking for the so-called “Handheld SDK” that contains program combiner assembler / compiler (AR10/AR11 ARC ASM) for the NVIDIA GoForce 5500 (SC15) which is a mobile GPU from the 2007 found in but not limited to XDA Flame, I-Mate Ultimate 8150 or SHARP EM-ONE S01SH devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0.

There is a possibility to download some very old version of this SDK from NVIDIA, but sadly it does not contain ARC ASM compiler, neither any reference to the GL_NV_combiner_program extension - see here: http://download.nvidia.com/developer/Handheld_SDK/Handheld_SDK_1.0.zip

There was also an update to this package, but it just provides minor fixes, link here: http://download.nvidia.com/developer/Handheld_SDK/Handheld_SDK_1.0.1.zip

You can find some reference for the GoForce ISA (targeting AR10 architecture I presume) starting from page 26 of this document: https://download.nvidia.com/developer/presentations/2005/GDCE/GoForceGDCE05.pdf

I have already reverse engineered all needed headers, but sadly I’m still lacking ARC assembler / compiler that would allow me to create binaries suitable for the GL_PROGRAM_FORMAT_BINARY_NV. Whole OpenGL development package for the GoForce 5500 was available for free back in the day for registered developers but sadly nowadays there is no trace of it.

If you are able to push this request forward internally I would be really grateful, it has been more than 10 years since I’m looking for this SDK.

Thank you in advance.
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Hi @Tuxality,

I have not forgotten you. I am still searching for the “handheld SDK”, but being that this is something from 15 years ago, I am not feeling good about success.