Availability of Tesla products ? Qustion on the availability of Tesla pro

Hi everybody,

I am trying to find out more information on the Tesla product series. As far as I read, things should be available somewhere in November or so - which is now…

However I can not find any confirmed release information, nor distributor info or pricing. I registered both at the German and American Tesla web sites and also tried to reach the named German PR contact by phone and email - no success.

Does anybody know at least roughly, when the Tesla stuff will be available ?

Thanks !


Thanks - that helps a lot ! How did you find this one ?

It was posted on this forum few days ago.

Now we just need the name of someone selling them in Europe…

PNY has a Eurpean branch (www.pny-europe.com). I contacted the German sales bureau and he said they also sell Tesla. They just had to update the web pages, which will happen this week. Also he offered me to send a quote.

Frankly, I’m a bit puzzled, that it is so hard to get sales information on these systems ! Without this forum I would have been lost.