Avatar Stream with A2F Custom Character is not animating properly

Hi Team,
I am using Avatar stream 2023.1.1-rc.1 and Audio2face 2023.1.1 for streaming the custom avatar. Streaming live link is working properly with mark_solved_arkit in both applications . But if I am connected with custom Character the blend shape Character mesh is jumping while streaming .

Is there any way to animate custom Character in Avatar stream with A2F ?
Could you please share some documents ,reference video that would be helpful.

I have attached a video for your reference.
Avatar stream_A2F_Error.mkv (4.0 MB)

Thanks in advance .

There seems to be an issue with the blendShapes generated on the custom character. Could you check your usda file in DCC app, e.g. Maya or Blender and check if the blendShapes are correct?

Thanks for sharing the information.
I will try this in DCC tools. In the meantime could you please share some reference video or documents for importing custom character into avatar stream ?