Axg Xavier keeps locking up

Hello everbody.

I have a agx Xavier. I have had it for two months And it has been locking up randomly for days. It can take from as little as a few seconden, to a few hours. But this is undoable Is there a way to have the hardware fixed?

Thanks In advance.

Do you have serial console available? If you do, then from another computer, run “dmesg --follow” in that console, and tell it to save the session log. Then post that here after you get a failure. It might be something simple like running out of memory, or it could be hardware. The log should help finding out which.

oke here is the log file
dmesg.log (91.6 KB)
Hope this helps

p.s here is a
minicom.log (272.2 KB)
for good measure

I see gaps in the second log, which is odd. I also see some mention of SElinux. Have you installed or worked on SElinux? It might be completely unrelated, but by default SElinux won’t run in any kind of enforcing mode, and there are some SElinux log lines make me wonder if it is enforcing. Considering there are no kernel errors before it stops, aside from a “normal” audit, it just seems like SElinux denials might be related to this. A very puzzling log.

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