Azure module client library logs

I am using test5_app with Azure module client library. All the messages sent are printed on stdout, The problem is that these messages litter up my log and it becomes difficult to debug the application with so many messages. Is there a way that I can disable these log messages? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

test5 sample demonstrate message sending, may i know why you want to disable the log message?

I am using this application inside docker. When the application crashes, it becomes very difficult to get to the error/debug message with so many log messages. So if I am able to disable the log, I will be able to debug it easily.

Change to another sink type, then message converter/broker will not be used.

But I am trying to recreate an error, for which I need to test the code with all it’s functionality. SO I can’t disable the message-broker

Try this way, you can set componentId in struct NvDsEventMsgMeta to one value, at first you need to set “msg-conv-comp-id” and “msg-broker-comp-id” to another value, These fields force converter / broker components to process only those messages having same value for componentId field and ignore other messages.