Azure NV-Series and licensing

How are Azure N-Series VMs licensed when used with RDSH or XenApp (multi-user OS)? Are the NVIDIA licenses included or do we need to buy separate Virtual Apps (vApps) licenses? Do we need a NVIDIA License Server? How is this enforced? Do we need a license per (concurrent) session or per (named) user?

This would be great to know. Anyone out there?

I know that for the NV-series the GRID license is included, not sure about the other sizes though. I would think that they include a GRID license, otherwise they would probably not be offered from Azure.

"Each GPU in NV instances comes with a GRID license. This license gives you the flexibility to use an NV instance as a virtual workstation for a single user, or 25 concurrent users can connect to the VM for a virtual application scenario."