B550 or x570 AMD Motherboard under $200?

Just wondering what others’ opinions on the “Best” b550 or x570 motherboard under $200 at the current point in time. That is NOT an MSI motherboard.

I have been trying to fix a PC and I have decided it is the motherboard. The board I am trying to replace is an MSI b450 tomahawk MAX. I do not want to replace it with an MSI motherboard. Because I have kind of run my course with MSI boards. I replaced an MSI board with the Tomahawk and gave MSI a pass. But, the Tomahawk is having problems and it is a little over a year old. Would love to use that warranty. But, I bought it from BestBuy and I looked at my receipt and according to that I only had 1 year of warranty. This lasted about a year and a month before it started having issues.

I am thinking of going with ASUS. But, not sure what the story is on it. When I watch Hardware unboxed and Gamer Nexus videos they all point you toward MSI. Which, in the defence of the MSI board it worked fairly well for the money and had nice features. But, it didn’t last that long.

Anyhow, I have all the parts to a functioning computer just need a Motherboard for an AM4 Socket.

Interested it what I get for comments.