Backup image of Jetson AGX Xavier without sdkmanager


i share my jetson agx xavier in multiple projects and now i want to make a backup image. While searching for the best way to make a backup a question came up:

a lot of answers on this topic refer to a certain folder, which i should have:


I dont have this folder on my host pc. i work on the jetson but didnt set it up. i think this folder gets installed once you set the jetson up with the sdk manager?

Now, i downloaded the folder “Linux_for_Tegra” for my version of jetpack that is on the jetson. Can i use the scripts like just normally if i connect my jetson via usb and put it in recovery mode?


Yes, this is created upon running sdkmanager on the host PC. You can use the “download but don’t install option” to get that content if you don’t want to actually flash to get this.

The “” script will work as expected regardless of whether you “download now but don’t flash, then flash”, or if you download and flash at the same time. The Jetson would of course have to be in recovery mode and connected to the PC. Not sure if that is what you are asking or not.

thx for the reply!

yes, this is what i meant. download but dont flash (to setup the jetson), then flash (to create backup image).
Where can i find the

i downloaded the .deb on NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer


You would install the “.deb”, and then run “sdkmanager” (make sure you log in to the “developer” site and not the “partners” site). In the component select screen, where you accept the terms and conditions, there is another checkbox to the right.

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