Backup / restore from SD Card?

I’ve just got my TX2 to the way I like it, and want to use it to image other Jetsons. Is there some way to back up the entire rootfs to an SDCard (say using the devkit hardware), then use that card to flash multiple TX2 units (as an alternative to going through the Jetpack install, then apt-get upgrade, then installing a bunch of software, libraries, etc).

You could possibly boot to a rescue image and use dd to copy the partition. It’s easier to just use a PC with the micro-B USB connected and then clone the partition. The clone can be used to restore to any other TX2…though you’d want it to be to the same release, e.g., a JetPack3.1 clone (R28.1) might not work right on a JetPack3.2 release (R28.2) even if you apply the newer binaries/drivers.