Backup the whole flashed NX module

I wish to backup the Whole flashed NX module into a single Image.
Its important to me that it will contain all the users settings , installed apps , files , Rootfs , other filesystems if any.

I read this post but couldn’t comment in it:

Is it possible?
(I’m asking because in this post they used the APP partition and I don’t know if its enough for my purposes)


hello yoavrubin17,

yes, that’s APP partition to contain all your user data, please back-up system.img for your use-case;
you should restore the image with the same release version.
for example, if you back-up system.img from JP-4.6, you should restore the image to JP-4.6 flashed targets.

But I want to backup all system data as well. RootFS for example. Its still APP partition?

If so, what other partitions exist and what they contain? (I’m asking for learning purposes)



Can I do it with SDK as well? (backup image and flash existing image using the SDK GUI)

hello BSP_User,

you should use the command-line to do this. you could use the same JetPack release you’ve download, please enter the installation folder,
the default path is… ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_<version>_Linux_<platform>/Linux_for_Tegra/
there should be script file, available, please follow the commands to backup/restore your image.

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