Bad custom experience with e-con system?

Dear all,
dose someone else also have negative custom experience by purchasing the camera products by e-eco systems from india?

Several month ago I have purchased two e-CAM50_CUNX - 5.0 MP for my research project. One of the camera module was defect after outboxing…

The custom service of e-con system takes ages and they don’t provide good service. The colleage wants to debug via vnc but he didn’t have any valid internet connection…

And they just go back on their words…

I would like not to recommend you guys for their products.



Sorry for the inconvenience. We take each customer our valuable and every feedback is very valuable.

You have an issue with our e-CAM50_CUNX camera, So we have initiated the RAM process to get the board here for analyzing the issue. We have received the camera here on 16/11/2020. We have analyzed the issue, the failure is due to the MIPI signal is not connecting to the sensor from ISP. Hope you have received the RMA analysis report from our quality team also we have informed our team to send the replacement. This is the first time we are facing this kind of issue. It will not repeat again.

Thanks for your understanding.