Bad diagrams in documentation

The diagrams in these documentation pages I’m looking at don’t appear correct. The diagrams are filled with what look like unicode replacement characters (small character-sized rectangles in place of text). This is not a problem with my browser because the phenomenon is burned directly into the image.

Can the documentation website be fixed please?

Can anyone at all confirm that these diagrams are messed up? Or is it just me?

I can’t guarantee, but I think maybe the diagrams were just demonstrating some inheritance without intending to show actual classes. On the other hand, I think you are right that for the diagram to actually be useful, it would need some actual names. Those do not seem to be Unicode placeholders since they don’t show the “index” numbers. If you look at this example of missing Unicode encodings, you’ll see a couple of numbers in it:
…the box by itself is unrelated to Unicode, but if it is that kind of box with the debug encoding information, then it would be a missing font encoding.

I’ll suggest to NVIDIA that since the diagram is based on actual class declarations and inheritance, then perhaps filling in the resulting names would be a better diagram. As is though, it isn’t a bug.

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