Bad File Format when sending payload files to Orthanc

I am getting the following error when running echo-test or sending payload files from Clara SDK to store on the Orthanc Server as a new (processed) series:


I can verify that the pipeline works with the DCMTK service - which sends a .dcm file and gets some processed output;



There was no JSON file in the payload sent back from the Clara SDK.

I traced the error to the following Orthanc code:

It seems as if Orthanc wants the input from Clara SDK to be in json format. Any suggestions, help would be appreciated.

From Clara Deploy, DICOM network protocol is used, while DICOMWeb is not supported (yet). So please configure Clara DICOM Adapter to send to the DICOM port on Orthanc, and not the DICOMWeb endpoint of Orthanc.

I have used Orthanc for sending DICOM to and receiving DICOM from Clara Deploy. The following is the Clara DICOM Adapter config SCU section that I use (sending to the Orthanc default SCP port):
ae-title: ClaraSCU
max-associations: 2
- name: MYPACS
port: 4242
ae-title: ORTHANC

DICOMWeb support in Clara Deploy will come soon, and I am planning doing QIDO/WADO first, then STOW-RS.

Again, thanks for your questions and feedback on using Clara Deploy.

Thanks. Based on the dicom adapter log I believe I got the SDK to upload the clarapayload to my Orthanc instance. But, where is it stored? How may I view it? I realize this is more of the Orthanc devs but I thought someone here may have some hints since I am having trouble accessing their google chat group. Thanks!

Does this mean the payload was successfully received by the Orthanc server?

On the Orthanc UI, you can open patient, study, series and instance, to see the DICOM objects. DICOM output from Clara Deploy is a new series in the study from which you have picked and loaded a series.

Since you are using Orthanc for testing, I can share my experience with simulating a PACS and mimicking Radiologist/PACS user end to end with Orthanc, by setting it up to send DICOM to Clara Deploy and receive the new series from Clara Deploy.

The following are the high level steps:

  1. Download and install Orthanc on your workstation, IP my-orthanc
  2. Configure Orthanc DICOM Export destinations, Section DicomModalities in /etc/orthanc/orthanc.json to Clara Deploy AE titles, and restart Orthanc service. Example:
    “ClaraLiverSeg” : [ “LiverSeg”, “ClaraDeployIP”, 104 ]
  3. Configure Clara DICOM Adapter to send DICOM back to my-orthanc, and restart the Adapter
  4. With Orthanc GUI, upload relevant studies to Orthanc
  5. With Orthanc GUI, select a patient, study, and the relevant series, click Send to DICOM modality and select the correct destination to send DICOM
  6. Wait for a minute (Clara Deploy is high performing) or monitor Clara pipeline till it finishes, and then on Orthanc GUI, select the same study again to find a new series, whose description contains Content generated by NVIDIA Clara.....

Currently Clara Deploy generates a new series for the segmented image, and optionally DICOM RT Structure set if defined in the pipeline. Other DICOM IOD’s, e.g SR and Seg, will come soon.

Hope this helps.

Best regards.

That helps. I was expecting to see a new series, but none is showing. So there is something wrong with my Clara Deploy transmitting the new series data back to the PACS instance. I’ll keep investing. This feedback is very helpful with my root cause analysis, so I really appreciate the feedback.

OK. Thanks for the guidance. I figured out that the data set I was sending was already processed by Clara (as in the desription). These were the .dcm files that were in the first dcm directory. In the dcm_respampled directory I noticed that the files still had patient metadata so I tried with processing them and it did generate a new series with “Content generated by NVIDIA Clara. CAUTION–Investigational device. Limited by Federal . . .” in the description. Good start. But none of the processed files have any visible images in them:


There orthanc server is throwing a 404 (not found) error when calling the image preview.


Seems like something went wrong on the Clara Deploy Pipeline. How do I fix this? Thanks!!

P.S. It rendered fine in as a separate dataset in the Render service on the Clara Deploy SKD (including segmentation overlay).

It could be an issue on Orthanc, as it has registered all 588 DICOM instances and fails to load from its storage. Maybe you can look into its storage folder and check.

Another thing you can try is to download the series, if successful, open the downloaded series in other viewers, ImageJ, Slicer, and MicroDICOM to name but a few.